Pukka + Breeders

Pukka partners with the world's premiere breeders from various backgrounds with one common vision and mission. To provide healthy and happy pets to deserving families all around the world.

Earn More with Pukka

Imagine being able to let your past, current, and future customers see all your hard work behind the scenes? Being able to let them capture the essence of what's required to yield healthy litters. See how Pukka shine the light on your kennel to attract more customers..

"The Proof is in the Pukka." Welcome to the future of pet breeding. Our app will act as a verification and marketing tool to share blockchain-verified information and documents about their animals in a profile format, similar to linkedIn.


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We will ask you for some basic information about you. You don't have to be BIG to work with Pukka.


Enroll Your Kennel

We want to know more about your sires and dams. Each adult dog in your kennel will be assigned a PIN (pet identification number) this number acts as your paw-members social security number.


Create Sire and Dam Profiles

Each one of your sires and dams will have a personalized profile. These profiles will include essentials data that you choose to share.


Litter Profile Creation

Pukka will issue a litter ID number for each litter. This ID number helps connect every puppy via their individual PIN digitally to the mating pair and respective data.


Progeny Profile Creation

Each Pukka Certified progeny will have their own customized profile. Each profile includes digital birth certificate, verified parentage results, medical records, microchip specs, and pedigree (if applicable).


Share, Track, and Profit

Your business is an ever-evolving thing. Through tracking and reporting, we’ll continuously be your partner to make sure you continue to grow.

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