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Become family.

PUKKA (puck-a) makes buying, adopting, and caring for your pet safer and easier by combating fraud and lack of transparency in the pet industry.


Breeding Truth...

PAWard by SUKU blockchain

Elevating Standard of Care

PUKKA means genuine, excellent, and of high society. We felt this name was well suited for our mission. PUKKA helps breeders, pet owners, and pet lovers authenticate and verify essential pet documents.

Tracking and Tracing

PUKKA utilizes blockchain technology to track and trace the puppy's journey from birth to sale. This process provides the breeder and pet buyer verified DNA results, medical records, Thermo microchip details, and Pedigree all in the palm of their hands. The Universal connector of this data is the puppy's PIN (pet identification number).

PUKKA Certified Puppies

Once all verification categories have been completed, PUKKA's app certifies each puppy. Now, pet buyers will know unequivocally that their new family member is what the breeder and documents says it is.  

"The Truth is in the Pukka."

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